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Imagine a picture perfect wedding … Bride and groom look fabulous, the decor is spectacular and the DJ – he made everyone dance all night but the naan is burnt … Ouch ! 

Without a doubt one of the biggest factor in making your wedding an event to remember is the food and with millons of caterers and hotels pitching who knows which one is the best. So here are a few tips on making this a lil easier for you – 

1. Think of a wedding you attended recently where you fell in love with the food . Call your friends/ relatives and find out more details of that caterer. 

2. In case you cant think of any wedding food you loved,  no problem – ask around and always ask the most social ones, there will always be this one person who knows who goes to a wedding or two way too often ask them for help. Trust us – no-one forgets a great meal.

3. Always taste test your shortlisted guys not at their kitchen but at an event they are hosting (with permission ofcourse… you will be surprised how welcoming people are 🙂 ) 

4. Book them early and keep in touch with your caterers. 

Now that we have booked a Caterer, we can work on the menu next time ! 

Happy Planning

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