Easy Theme Selection !!

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Is it possible .. To plan a wedding, invite 100s of loved ones, color coordinate, fix vendors and yet be relaxed ?? 

Easy Theme Selection !!

There is so much pressure to have the perfect wedding and so take a deep breath and smile as we will walk through major stress points of the wedding and simplify them all this month 🙂 

Today’s Focus is a fun one – Theme !! 

With like a million themes to choose from and different color combinations, the first big decision to make is the theme/ color(s) of the wedding ? Should you go classic traditional or the new contemporary route .. have a simple gold theme wedding or go the neon color route ?? 

The answer is super easy – 

What color makes the bride happy, which color makes her glow..  :). That will be the color of her dress and will set tone for the wedding. The groom can pick a color that pairs well with this color and this way both of them get a lil bit of themselves reflected in every aspect of the wedding !! 

For Example – 

If she chooses pink … pick another color that contrasts with it .. like mild light grey or even orange .. and there you go .. pink and grey wedding / pink and orange wedding your theme is set!!

If you like yellow and the current trend is purple .. Go Yellow!! Cause truth be told .. a smiling bride & groom maketh the wedding pretty not a celebrity look alike wedding or a pantone number ! 

And with the right support team – you will notice every color can be the new IT color! Check out these super colorful options –

They are all so pretty .. you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose! 

Happy Planning 

Team Thingie

Pic source – google images

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