Let’s Talk Fonts!

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Like you and your fiancé make a great pair… adorable, cute, elegant and all those other magical words, so do fonts… Particularly the fonts you choose for your wedding invitations. Why?… who thinks about fonts you ask? … well it may make or break your card!

The graphic team at The Paper Thingie have shared their favorite font combinations (spread all through this post) and we will also share a few of our tips (some obvious  … others not so much)


Tip 1 – Theme 1st then the Fonts

Decide on the style of the card and then go to font selection. For instance an elegant vintage card and a quirky card wont have the same fonts. So you can’t stick to your favorite Niconne if you want quirk.

Fonts used

 Classy – CAC Champagne | Quirky – Lemon Chicken


Tip 2 –  S p a c e  i t  o u t  ! 

A variation in spacing can make the same font look very different. Ask your designer to show you how the font would look when tightly packed and when spread out (once you finalize on the font) so that you can make a sound decision.

 Our pick – Wide spread out for names – same font tightly packed for content

Fonts used

Frente H1 (normal) & Frente H1 with 200%VA


Tip 3 – Combinations – Two is better than one!

Almost always a card looks better with a combination of 2 fonts, where is the proof you ask.. where is the supporting data? – our years of experience and client feedback !
[2 fonts are better than one, its twice the fun… ask anyone … (any HIMYM fans here 😛 ) ]

Font used –

Names – Sail | Save the date – Trajan Pro 3

Tip 4 – Do your research

Your designer may show you a whole lot of options (we know we do) but there are 1000s of fonts available and chances are you haven’t seen them all … if you have the time and if you have a very specific theme in your mind, go to the 100s of free font websites and understand your needs a lil better.

Fonts used

Do your – Microsoft Yi Baiti | Research – lilypen


 Tip 5 – Curvy and straight 

Yin-yang combos work beautifully not just in life but also in fonts.. try putting your names in a complex stylized font and the content in a straight font.

Main content in legible simple fonts – There is a misconception that more is better. More complex, more stylized, more curved, more calligraphy = more beautiful. But what it really is – is difficult to read. Stick to straight fonts for the bulk of your card – i.e – the dates and venue in particular. You don’t want people to reach out for their glasses to read your pretty card, do you?

Fonts used
Names – Chopin Script | Save The Date – Quicksand


Voila ! Simple steps to a pretty card – Happy Planning !


Team Paper Thingie

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