Logo and Branding Cheat sheet (1)

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Fact #1 The first thing people unconsciously notice about you is your shoes.

Fact #2 The first thing people notice about your brand is your colours.


We cannot overstate this enough people, brand colours matter. Logo matters! While there are enough studies on the psychological impact on colours, how do you pick the right one for your brand? Here are a few steps you can follow to make this process easy for you:


1. Identify your brand

It is especially important for start-ups to identify their core target audience. Everything about your branding needs to answer one fundamental question – ‘What do you want your brand to say and to whom.’ This will help give you a clear idea of the kind of logo best represents your brand (fun, quirky, wordplay, etc) and also the font style that will go best with it!


2. Pick a colour palette


Colours look good as standalone options, but brand colours is about a combination of what looks best together. There are plenty of online websites that will generate 2 – 3 colour combination palettes for you to choose from. Our pick is colourlovers.com.


3. Don’t go on Pinterest

No seriously, don’t do it! Not only will it infinitely confuse you, it will frustrate your designer friend. Creating your brand collateral is all about YOUR voice, don’t let that be diluted by what others have to say.


4. Find A Friend

Once you have an idea of what you want, find a friend [or professionals like us 😉 ]  that can help create the perfect logo for you!

Until next time – Happy Sunday !


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