What NOT to do – The bride edition

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Everyone tells you what a bride to be should do (we will too soon enough :P) – the basics – exercise, hydrate, moisturize, eat healthy and so on and so forth.

Let us be the one telling you what NOT TO DO!! Here’s a short list of things you should steer clear if you are a bride to be:


  1. Facials/peels –

Who doesn’t love pampering themselves to a nice facial, a nice pure gold luxury peel or maybe a natural fruit mask? Did your parlour aunty give you a whole list of benefits of the amazing pearl whitening facial yet? Lets get the facts right – most facials work by bringing the toxins out of the skin.. Which may lead to pimples/ acnes/ redness or even a mild irritation in skin so its best avoided for the last 2 weeks leading to the wedding!



(image source – zimmber.com)

  1. Brand new hair style –

There was this amazing instagram picture of this pretty bride with a beautiful bob and you are tempted to try it… thats another big no-no. Keep experimentation to a minimum and stick to what works close to the wedding. A clean trim a week before the wedding to get rid of any dead/dry tips is recommended but thats all 🙂

(image source – innersensebeauty.com)

  1. No Botox –

Though I doubt that this is common for a bride to be it still has to be mentioned on this list. With every skin clinic in the city suggesting a simple pain free injection it maybe tempting to get rid of imperfections. But its best avoided, some injections show results slowly and its best to avoid any surprise.

(image source – www.ryanllp.com)

  1. Crash Diets –

We totally understand how a bride to be might be tempted to try out the latest fad, the diet of some Hollywood A-lister but NOPE! Steer clear of any crazy diets or even plain on juice fasts or detox… unless you are already used to it. Skin and hair reacts to sudden changes in diet and that is something we should totally avoid. The best way is to do it old school.. eat right and exercise… and yes HYDRATE!

(image source – quora.com)

Always remember a relaxed happy bride is a beautiful bride, so stay away from things that stresses you and be happy and enjoy the wonderful journey you are about to take.


(p.s – the featured image for this blog is from Chandni Singh, a wonderful make-up artist from Delhi)

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