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Have you seen those drop dead gorgeous couple photos on your Instagram feed and wonder how they do it? Worry not, we are here to deconstruct the perfect shoot and give you memories that last a life time!

  1. Location location location!

As the rule goes in show biz, it is all about the location! We suggest you scout around for locations well ahead of your shoot, so you know how to prepare. You can also use a combination of indoor and outdoor locations for best results.


  1. Pick the right time

Before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. is the best time for a shoot. The sun rays are at an angle and it tends to soften your features and give you a natural glow. Also make sure you carry reflectors in case the lighting is too harsh.



  1. Practise shoot

There is a reason they say practise makes perfect! Have a test run of your shoot complete with wardrobe and make up before your big day. If you can’t afford to have a professional photographer for your test shoot, you can have your friend shoot on a mobile.




  1. Stay natural

The best part of a photo shoot is to have fun with it! Be yourself and be natural. After all, the best pictures are the ones that are not rehearsed.



  1. Post-production

If you have a tone or style to be incorporated in your photographs, make sure you discuss this with your photographer well ahead of time. This will help in post production, and give you photographs you will treasure for years to come!

Happy shooting folks! Do you have pictures you want to share with us? Let us know by commenting below.

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