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Most people share a love-hate relationship with a particular Hallmark Holiday that is Valentine’s Day! If you want to take a break from PDA on social media, the incessant selfie posting and all the romantic sappiness, here is how:


  1. A social media detox

While most of us are glued to our screens for a better part of any given day, this


is a good day to indulge in a complete social media detox. Stay away from Facebook or Instagram (note: Twitter is fine because such PDAs are promptly shot down anyway) and you will thank us for it later!


  1. Netflix

Seriously, Netflix this day away! No living person can come close to the fictional on screen characters anyway. (If you also have not recovered from the death of Jack from ‘This Is Us’, we can’t blame you.) Plan for this day in advance, and set up your Netflix or Amazon queue. Grab your favourite take out and a glass of wine and curl up and watch your favourite plot lines unfold.



  1. Grab a few friends

There is something oddly therapeutic about spending some quality time with your friends. Schedule a dinner or dancing with your friends, or better yet plan a quick trip out of the city. Create your own fun filled memories.


  1. Get a furry companion

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but nothing as pure as that of a furry companion. Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, (or dare we say – gold fish?) head on down to your local shelter and grab a few cuddles. Better yet, find a friend with a friendly dog or cat and offer to dog/cat sit for them! It’s a win-win situation for all!



  1. Schedule a spa day

You deserve a little indulgence, and what better way to do it than to schedule a ‘spa-cation?’ Imagine soaking in a warm tub of bath salts and feeling your troubles melt away while you have someone gently massaging your head. Did we mention – a good ol’ back rub?

All this aside, our personal brand of self indulgence is to order in as many desserts as you can, put on a good ol’ chick flick (preferably something starring Sandy B) and chill this day away! Let us know what you were up to on this special day.

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